Trench Drain Systems



The POLYCAST® Presloped System is designed for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. POLYCAST® is made of polymer concrete, a high strength chemical resistant closed cell material. As a result, POLYCAST® drains offer a high degree of chemical resistance, have a water absorption value of less than 1% and are more than four times stronger than ordinary Portland cement concrete.




MEGAMAX® INSTA-POUR® is a pre-engineered, cast-in-place concrete forming system for forming surface drainage trenches, catch basins, utility chases and voids in concrete placements. The system includes expanded polystyrene (EPS) form profiles, steel inlay rails, patented no-float legs, grates and grate retainers. MEGAMAX® INSTA-POUR® is available in various widths, depths, slopes and trench bottom configurations.




Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, the durability and high performance of the Resmax Storm Drain ensures a long lasting permanent solution to the collection and dispersal of standing surface water. The easy installation is ideal for driveways, pools, patios, walkways, sports courts and more.



Gatic Slot Drains

GATIC SLOT DRAINS could be considered a cast in-place trench drain with a durable steel lining within the trench. Slot channel systems have proven to be the most efficient method at intercepting “sheet flow” across a pavement surface. A wide range of GATIC SLOT DRAIN channels are available to provide efficient surface water drainage in external areas.



Fiberglass Drains

Our FP SERIES, a lightweight fiberglass system, available in 8″ and 12″ internal widths, is designed for fast installation and high volume. Ductile iron grates, steel wearing edges and a gel coated water bearing surface provide the ultimate solution for a long lasting high performance trench drain.



Forming Systems

MEGAMAX® INSTA-POUR® is a complete pre-engineered expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam trench drain forming system. The system includes EPS formers defining the trench width and slope plus an anchored grate frame and standard grates with a wide range of load capabilities. The system is complemented by an In-Line catch basin and 24″ x 24″ catch basin assembly.




Stainless Steel Drains

The inherent durability of stainless steel makes it an ideal material for floor drains, floor sinks, floor clean-outs, and trench drains, regardless of the application. Stainless steel has an intrinsic gratifying appearance that is perfect for facilities where hygiene, corrosion resistance, and visibility are inherent.



Custom Drains

ROCKCRETE USA has an experienced staff of drain specialists who work with each customer to help develop a custom drain design for every job. Starting with your requirements, they work with you to select the appropriate drain for your application, configure the drain, select the appropriate options and manufacture it to the correct specifications.



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